Monday, January 14, 2008

My Second Attempt

Pattern Review is having a Wardrobe (aka SWAP) Contest running from February 1 through April 30. I need/want new clothes for our trip to France at the end of April and I want to sew down some of my stash (Fabric Fast). So it makes sense to me to try to complete a SWAP thus accomplishing two goals at once. I will need to finish by April 20 since we are leaving only a few days after that.

This time I won't try for as many complicated (time consuming) garments, just a few knit tops, one pant pattern used three times and a TNT skirt. I think I know which tops I want to sew, but what I'm having problems with is deciding on a jacket. I plan to bring my black Dana Buchman raincoat, so I want something that I can wear under that. Layering is key. Once I can decide on a jacket, then the rest is easy to plan. Researching the April weather in France I found that during that time of year it is not as romantic as the movie or song . It is cold and raining--maybe that's why the tickets didn't cost as much as I thought they would.

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Karen said...

It's still April in Paris, Marilyn! I went in March last year, and it didn't matter that it was chilly and drizzly most of the time. It was Paris, it was gorgeous, and it could have been snowing and I wouldn't have noticed.

You can cheat on your fabric fast at Reine while you're there. Some of the most gorgeous stuff I've ever seen, plus these great miniature mannequins for display that I wanted to take home.

We're going back in November (another chilly mont), so I'll probably be working on an autumn in Paris wardrobe.