Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Successful Failure?

Life gets in the way of blogging. My Paris SWAP did not get completed, but I'm happy with what did get sewn. Those HP Everyday Pants were my downfall. I made three muslins and thought I had them fitting me satisfactorily enough, but after I had finally cut a couple pairs from the actually fabric in my plan, they were much, much too tight. I am thinking that since I made my third muslin in a fabric with lycra (just like a couple of the fabrics I was planning on sewing), I may have overfit the final muslin. That's the only excuse I can come up with. I was so tight on time, that I was sewing the actual pants three days before we were to leave. Had there not been a problem with the pants, I think I may have completed all four pairs since this pattern is easy to put together. One thing I did learn from this pattern is that I may have knock knees. After going through all my fitting books, I came to the conclusion why I was having so many problems fitting this pattern was that knock knees might be the issue. I made the adjustment needed for this deformity, and the muslin did fall much better. I just don't know if it's the pattern or me, since I have never had this issue before. Someday when I have time on my hands, I'll try to figure this out. In the meantime, I'm putting this pattern away for a while--things always get better when you abandon them for a period of time. What I did do for my trip was go to Lord & Taylor and pick up a couple pairs of pants in black and grey to go with the tops. Now those pairs fit great, I should just trace them off and make my life easier.

I did complete all my tops plus two more and the jacket was worn several times before we left. I did not take the purse since I prefer the travel purse I take on most trips. I have reviewed the tops and jacket on Pattern Review, but just did not get a chance to show them here, since it was the end of tax season, work was beyond hectic and sewing was my priority!

So here are pictures of my completed projects:

McCalls 4596. I sewed this in a lightweight wool charcoal twill and lined it in Ambiance. My biggest problem with this jacket was finding a 20" zipper that I liked. Since I could not find one that I really liked, I ended up using a black plastic zipper reasoning that it would just blend in and not show. I am happy with my decision. PR Review

Material Things Fearless T-Shirt #109. This t-shirt has become a TNT pattern for me. What really helped me was that I followed Marcy Tilton's "Where Did You Get That T-Shirt?" DVD. Marcy takes you through the fitting process showing how to fit yourself when no one else is around to help (which is usually the case). I followed her fitting instructions and am very pleased with the results. I made four versions of the shirt, but the last one I don't have a picture of since I sewed it up at the last minute. I used a rayon/cotton knit in a sage green and made the basic T with 3/4 length sleeves. The other tops were made from rayon lycra, or rayon/cotton lycra knits. PR Review

Textile Studio #1205 Marseilles Top. I made this top from a crinkled georgette I purchased from Emma One Sock. It is somewhat see-through, but I wear a black camisole under the top and it looks quite casually dressy (if there is such a term). I lowered the neckline opening 2" and bound the entire neckline rather than just turn it as given in the instructions. This top did see a couple evenings out during our trip. PR Review

Loes Hinse Bianca Sweater #5208. Another new TNT. I changed the neckline of this top into a v-neck since I thought it would look better with my choice of fabric. This is a knit from Casual Elegance I bought last summer. This top was incredibly easy and fast to sew. I need to go through my stash and see what else I can make with this pattern. I think I'll also try the pattern's original neckline next time. PR Review

For our trip, I also packed a black silk cardigan sweater, loads of scarves, a dressy pair of black flats for evening, my silk pjs and my perfume print robe. I wore my jacket, black pants, one of the t-shirts, my short black raincoat and my very comfortable Ecco shoes (which I lived in and never got tired feet) on the plane. We left Boston on April 22 and came back on May 2. My head is still in Paris.

Oh, I also have to thank my resident photographer, my son Kenny, for taking these pictures. He was very patient with me.


Lindsay T said...

Love what you've sewn but when are you going to blog about your trip to Paris?! I was there last spring and I need a Paris fix and fast! SVP? Merci!

Alexandra said...

I love all your tops! You're getting some serious mileage from that pattern - TNTs rock! I'm off to check out that T-shirt DVD, thank you for the link.

Karen said...

Come on, Marilyn, don't be a tease! You can't show us the Paris clothes without the Paris story to go with. (Doesn't matter that I'm just back, I want to hear about YOUR Paris). The clothes are great, though, and you were lucky enough to have the right weather to wear them. My Paris wardrobe was entirely too warm for their sudden summer.

Marji said...

oh I love Paris. Would love to hear more about your time in the city of light.

Meanwhile, email me at mlweaving at yahoo dot com
for your invite for the coat sewalong. I don't have your email addy.