Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 RTW Fast

RTW Fast badge 
I've revived my blog (after much trouble figuring how to get back into it) and plan to post all my sewing in 2014.  Since both of my sons have moved out of the house, I am in the process of cleaning out one of my son's room and turning it into my sewing room.  So I'm moving out of the basement into the attic.  I have gone through all 700 yards in the stash,  eliminated what I know I will never sew, stripped the closet and inserted a wired shelf rack.  All fabrics have been refolded and stored by fabric content and color.  I'll post a picture soon.  I truly love these fabrics and am not afraid to cut into them,  I just need to get back into sewing all the time.  The room has more work to be done, but my goal is to finish by the end of January and start sewing again.

Anyway,  while surfing sewing blogs, I came across the 2014 RTW Fast on .  I was always running to the mall for pants.  I live in pants, rarely wear a dress these days.  What I should have been doing is concentrating on fitting a good sloper for pants instead.  I look at my stash and am so inspired--I just need to start using it again.  By not letting myself purchase clothes, I will be forcing myself to start sewing these lovely fabrics. 

My local ASG group is also concentrating on sewing blouses/shirts this year.  I love to sew blouses, and will be running a couple meetings on pintucks and flyfronts for blouses. 

So into this RTW Fast I dive, first to finish the jacket I cut out last year, then a shirt to go with it.  After that, I will concentrate on pants.  No more short cuts/cop-outs buying clothes.  I have the skills and fabric to make the clothes I really want to wear happen.

My best wishes and happy sewing to all of you who are part of this lovely group.


Meg said...

You go girl! I considered it but chickened out for some reason.

sewmadd said...

I'm making the same pledge. Sew what I wear....I too have a stash of beautiful fabrics. and most of the notions to go with it. Looking forward to your new sewing room. I'm using a spare bedroom and 'tho it is smallish it's all mine:)