Friday, January 17, 2014


The whole family is off to Phoenix today.  Our son, Jeff, is running in the P F Chang Rock & Roll Marathon on Sunday.  The race starts at 7:50 a.m, a little early for a marathon back here in the east.  If he finishes in three hours, he will qualify for the 2015 Boston Marathon which is his goal.  Yes, he has done it before.  Jeff has been training for the past several months and is ready.

Our son Kenny and his girlfriend, Patty, will be joining us and we all will be staying in Ken's sister, Nadine's, condo in Tempe.  It will be a little tight, but at least there are 2 bathrooms and three courtyards to take in the weather.  Nadine is putting Kenny & Patty on an air mattress in the garage with a space heater, good luck to them!  I can hear Kenny complaining already.  Temperatures are in the 70's during the day, just perfect, and down to 45 at night.

The sewing room organization is coming along.  This week I have been going through patterns, weeding, asking myself will I ever sew it, what made me buy it and discovering duplicates (which means I will definitely keep one since I liked it enough to buy it again).  I have been planning the layout of the room and checking out IKEA to see what would work.  Last Saturday, I visited IKEA for a couple hours to check out the furniture I was interested in.  I found out that the store will deliver (for a fee) the same day you purchase it, so the Saturday after our return from Phoenix, I'm off to IKEA in the morning.  I plan to pick up two Billy bookcases and the Malm desk which seems pretty sturdy and has a moveable return which will be great for my serger.
BILLY Bookcase IKEA There is plenty of storage space for large books or other objects on the deep shelf.MALM Desk with pull-out panel IKEA The pull-out panel gives you an extra work surface.  I already have a smaller bookcase in the room and will add a couple other small storage pieces which I have, but want to paint first.  Lastly, I want to add a file cabinet for my patterns.  They have been in banker's boxes for the past ten years and it's time to upgrade.  The end result of my weeding patterns will help me determine the size of the cabinet.  Staples delivers for free and within a day of ordering!  I should also check out Craig's list just in case.

So no clothes shopping while in Phoenix, but I think there will be some wine tasting somewhere in the agenda.  There are some really fabulous wineries out there believe it or not.

Go Pats!


MaryEllen said...

Enjoy our weather & the marathon !!!
I live in Tempe also
Happy Sewing !

Ann_B said...

Can't wait to twee the new room!