Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lady Cave

It's been a while since I posted, but I did complete my sewing room.  Actually, I finished it last March, but was too involved with everything else to post pictures.  I have the time now, so let's take a tour.

This is the majority of the space.   I did purchase the Ikea items that I mentioned in my previous post.  I am so happy that I did.  My friend Ann wants to get the desk for herself.  My husband was all for me moving from the basement to the attic, mostly because he wanted my old space for himself and his hobby.  Anyway, I could never have put everything together without him.  The two bookcases and the desk went together in an afternoon.  The hardest part was getting the boxes up two flights of stairs.

I am posting pictures starting with the bookcase on the left above and following around the room.  I have never added this much to a post, so I'm sure there is a more efficient way to do this, but this is the best way I know for now.
 The green bins hold quilting projects.  Sewing magazines (Burda, Threads, Patrones) are stored in the white cases. I store my buttons in plastic embroidery floss bins from JoAnns.  My grandmother's sewing baskets are on the left middle shelf.  The black boxes contain quilting fabrics and supplies.  The books are old sewing books, drafting books and quilting books.
 My trusty Bernina which is 25 years old.
 Another view.  My Baby Lock serger is under the green polka dot cover.  That's 24 years old.  I also have a Singer Featherweight which I store in the closet when I'm not using it. 
 Top green bins contain projects which I have started, but need to complete.  Something else became more important at the time, but hopefully with this new room, they will get finished this year.  The binders hold online classes and sewing newsletters.  Sewing and fitting books and supplies & notions in the black boxes.
 Thread storage.  The small chest of drawers was used by my mother for her notions.  I plan to refinish it and have new knobs waiting to be added.  I bought the picture of the girl at the National Gallery of Art when I was 18.  It went to college with me and has always been in some important room.
Pressing area.  I have a Naomoto gravity iron.  Because of the sloped ceilings, I need to move the board when I am using it to accommodate the water tank.  I also move the board when using my press for fusing interfacing.  The press if behind the board. In the green bin are my hams, seam rolls and press cloths.  This area needs more light, so I'll be searching for a lamp at Ikea.  The lamp in the picture was at my mother's sewing machine when I was a teenager.  My older son's old boombox is at the right on top of a case my other son made in woodworking shop.  I store my sewing dvds there.
 Cutting area with a stool for company (or me).  I store my patterns in the plastic bins by category.   The dress form is 40 years old.  I'm not the same shape as back then, but I have remolded it to me several times.  I really need a new one. 
 Bookshelf and closet where my stash is stored.  Muslin for a shirt project is hanging.
This bookshelf came from my in-laws' house.  In it are fashion history books, designer bios, style & wardrobe books.  The black boxes contain notions.
 The stash.  I previously had my fabrics in bankers boxes stored by color and have a book of inventory by fabric content.  My husband removed all the old closet rods and we put in a metal wire shelf unit.  This is my dream storage space.  It's hard to see, but I have a 2-step stool so that I can reach the top shelves.

 Besides my grandmother's sewing baskets, my mother's notions chest and the picture of the girl in the yellow dress,  I have added other personal items to the room.

 I've had Ringo for 50 years.  Yes, I am old enough to own him.  I saw the Beatles in concert in 1966.  The cedar box is from Lane.  When I was in high school, every senior girl could get one of these free from any furniture store which sold Lane hope chests.

 I bought this picture at an antique store 15 years ago.  I finally have a place for it.  I think it was taken from an old fashion magazine.

 I found this antique button card at a Paris flea market in 2012 and had it framed.

This picture is my grandfather who was a tailor and you know who is the other guy.  Next to him are sheep bells (that's another story).

I am so happy with my new sewing space.   I was in the cellar of the house for 24 years.  When that was first done over for me by my husband, I was so happy.  I loved that space for many years, but I outgrew it and my stuff was all over the house.  The machines were in the basement along with some books, the fabrics were in my closet, then as they expanded, in the attic.  Five years ago, I bought a table for cutting and drafting so that also when up in the attic.  Before that, I cut out on the dining room table (like most people).   I now have a place for everything and could not be happier.


helen siddon said...

Wow your sewing room is wonderful! I would love a room of my own but make do with taking over the dining room. I had to chuckle at the size of your stash, you've got a lot of fabric there!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sewing room! I am so pleased that you are back to sewing and blogging. Your post titled "Phew" from 2008 is what inspired me to learn to sew. I find it hard to find professional clothes that fit in the stores. Your post showed that it is possible to sew a professional and cohesive wardrobe that does not look homemade! Welcome back!

MarilynB said...

Thank you, anonymous. I feel touched that I made an impact on you. I have been sewing, just not blogging these past years. I hope to continue and keep up my blog.

nhbaskets said...

Great job on the room! I don't remember the bells. I'm jealous!