Sunday, November 20, 2011 10th Anniversary

Yesterday I attended the PR Boston Anniversary Party.  About 30 women and a few husband were there enjoying each others company while treating themselves to munchies, mocktails and cake at the PR headquarters.  There were 18 other such celebrations around the world yesterday.  PR has grown so much in the past 10 years. 

I first knew of Deepika back on Sewing World around 2001.  She was always asking questions, seeking information.  I do remember her asking if anyone knew of a site where sewing patterns were reviewed.  Although there were a few sites that posted reviews, they were limited in their scope.  Deepika decided that she would set up a site.  I thought to myself "Who is this girl?  She thinks she can set up a site for pattern reviews?  Good luck to her!"  A few days later, she pops back on Sewing World announcing her site along with a link to it.  Hey, not bad for something off the top of her head!  Little did we know at that time that she was a professional web designer.   At that time it was just reviews of patterns, but people started adding more and more reviews, then it began to expand to other areas of review, then on-line classes, message boards, get-togethers, etc.  Who knew it would become such a force in the sewing world.  Certainly not Deepika. 

I feel a major reason PR has grown so large is because Deepika is an open-minded, curious, friendly, risk-taking, always positive individual who has a strong love of sewing. I have been lucky enough to personally know Deepika over the past 10 years and have met many other members at various events including 3 trips to New York, seminars, and a few celebrations at her house (at one we celebrated PR reaching 25,000 members!). 

Anyway, we had a lovely time last night along with a fashion show of stunning cocktail dresses, gifts, a slideshow which will most likely make its way onto the website, and great conversation.  Afterwards, we went to dinner together (and had real cocktails).  I did take pictures, but my camera is not cooperating by letting me download them all.  But this picture did make it through.

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