Saturday, November 19, 2011


After a nearly three year break, I want to start this blog up again.  A lot has happened to my family and me during this time, most of it is positive, thankfully.  Both my sons are now out of the Marines and going to college full time--and both have moved out of the house.  I love when they are here, but an empty nest is also a good thing.

My husband, Ken, has retired, but is working part-time for two engineering firms.  He really is enjoying himself.

Three years ago, I started a business with two other gentlemen.  It is viable and for the past six months we have been paid salaries.

We have taken two trips to France and have been taking French lessons for the past three years.  We are not great at French, but can communicate.  Also we took a major wine tasting tour last April in France for five days in the Rhone area.  It was heavenly.

I have been sewing, though not quite as much as I want.  I have also taken up quilting which I had been avoiding for fear of a new addiction.  I was right, the quilting stash has 5 quilts waiting to be made.  I love planning quilts, picking out the fabrics, patterns, figuring out sizes, cutting, sewing--just everything about it.  I have only completed one so far, but another one is about a third sewn.  I'll post my progress. 

My life is good, and sewing is still a major part of it.

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